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Track to Trail Contest, most likely to…



Remember that year book?  Friends signed it, made comments on who was most likely to succeed, most likely to be a comedian, well we are doing that here!  We are creating a contest, to test your knowledge, your insight, and your luck!  In the meantime, here are a few of the horses that are entering!  Details will be forthcoming, we expect the contest to run May 1-5th.  Contest, Prizes for correct answers, for being creative and so forth will be on our FB Page!

Want to help?  You can donate or sponsor a horse too!

Donation for CONVID-19 impact

Volunteer hours are down, donations are down, adoptions are down, educational programs are closed= please help support the horses here!



Horse Voting Sheets Template Bwana Chevy jpgHorse Voting Sheets Template Teddy karma jpgHorse Voting Sheets Template Wiley Cypress jpgHorse Voting Sheets Template Cash He's the One JPGHorse Voting Sheets Template Boooker JT jpgHorse Voting Sheets Template Mickey Savvy jpg

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