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ADOPT A HORSE FOR THE HOLIDAYS thru our sponsorship program! IMG_5785
Help feed, care for, and train one of our horses!  They need lots of high quality feed, vet, farrier and training services. Your sponsorship helps ensure that we can continue to help these wonderful guys!    Click on the Donate button below to set up a Paypal re-occuring payment and make it super easy for you to help!  Once a month, we will arrange for you to spend some time with your sponsored horse and you can help groom, train, or just spend some quiet time together  At the $200 level if your horse is ridable, you can ride!. We have 18 horses, and you can sponsor more than one.  On average they cost $500 -800 a month to feed and care for excluding vet and farrier services, so your $50, 75, 100,200, or more sponsorship really helps!


IMG_6281$50 Sponsorship Level
Grain, Dewormers, vet wrap, grooming supplies, it all adds up.  Your $50 contribution helps out a horse in need of these items!  We buy our grain from Sutherlands General Store, they eat Purina Strategy Healthy Edge, an excellent low starch option for off track racehorses!

uno michaelaWhat don’t they need?  Farrier Visits, Vet visits, fly masks, fly spray, a new feed bucket, the list is endless!  $75 a month goes a long way to helping a horse with his daily needs.  We have really big horses, that are much more costly than other breeds.  We get trims every 4 weeks instead of 6-8, and try to provide the best care possible.  All horses are treated w love and care!  You will receive a Track to Trail T-shirt as well!

A fantastic charitable contribution to the horses here.  Vet bills are an enormous part of our budget – X-rays, check ups, lameness exams, this is such a great way to help!




Feeding 1000 pound hay blocks keeps the horses in good shape, and helps those who come in as neglect cases really gain weight and thrive in our SW FL climate!  We also purchase square bales for stall use, or on trailer rides.  Hay is our number one expense!  your $200 goes a long way to helping feed the horses here!


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