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Education is a big part of what we do!  Compassionate Horse Care, ground work, liberty, and working on riding w confidence. We have a once a month adult class that is a 5 hour comprehensive class- everything else is kids

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Ex Racehorses and kids Educational Program. How can we help these injured horses heal and provide a wonderful educational opportunity for our local community? See below!
We have been featured by the Naples Daily News, ABC, Fox4, NBC2, WINK and many other local media outlets!

We take in injured racehorses, mainly from Gulfstream Park, but also local horses that are in need when we can.  Thru our volunteer group, we rehabilitate the ex racehorses and look to place them in local homes with loving families. These same volunteers run our kids programing!

Something very unique that we do is pair these racehorses w the kids in our programs, to help them transition.  The kids learn all about taking care of them, helping them heal, learning to ride again, and see them come full circle when they adopt out from our program.  The program teaching the kids all about horsemanship skills, but also self-confidence, courage, empathy, and focus, so many life skills.  They learn to really care for others.

You can purchase something for yourself or as a gift for someone else.  All funds go to support our mission of racehorse rehabilitation, retraining,  rehoming and public education.  

Class recommendations for kids- here is a symopsis – to register scroll all the way down to the options for more details w prices and click the Payment button
Homeschool – we offer a 5 week class, kids 7 and up, they come once a week for two hours Typically Wed’s 12-2pm see below..
Child is 8 and older – Full Day Camp (boys and girls) – Collier County Schools- when they are off, we generally offer a 5 hour Intro to Riding or. Camp Day! These are fun, very interactive groups that combine education and FUN
Girls Sat at the Rescue Saturday Camp – Every Sat, 9-noon and learn all that is horse. Riding, grooming, tacking, washing, feeding and care, ground work, liberty, showmanship, its a complete package. A financial and a time commitment though- currently $250 per month. If you would like to try you can come once for $60 and then make a decision. Prepaid only – no showing up w out being registered, we have limited spaces. Small class size, and lots of personal attention Email us to get on the wait list for the Sat Camp!

Week long summer camp – also a good option, 7 and older total immersion
We usually also offer camps during school holidays over winter and spring break
Article from the Naples Daily News on our Girls Back to School and Summer camps

Child is 7 and under  (boys and girls)

Check out the Mom and Kids (Mom and Me class)  This offers safety and horse education w a short ride.  
Wee Ones Program – super low cost program designed for the little littles.   Really just spending some time w the horses and getting comfortable with them.  An hour long, offered a few times a year

flyer learn about exracehorses

Learn about exracehorses – Horsemanship, liberty and riding

A 5 hour in depth course to get you started. Maybe you have never ridden, or maybe its been a while, but either way this a full day of learning and being with horses. We start w handling and evaluating, then moving to ground work and liberty. How to access the horse’s skills as well as our own and make good judgements about how to move forward. What does the horse require? What do we require? To be good partners its a two way street. We ( as humans) have such a huge effect on how the horse goes its so helpful to be able to see the big picture. This is a fun and informative class. Current dates Jan 7, Feb 4th, March 4th. Once you register we will email you and see what date you would like. If you would like two or three of the dates, you can pay for all three at the same time, just change the quanitity when checking out!


Presidents Day Camp Monday Feb 20th 9-2 (Dec and Jan dates are full)

Presidents Day Horse Camp ages 8 and up on Monday Feb 20th Spend the day learning and riding ex racehorses! Our mission is to take in injured racehorses or local neglect cases, rehabilitate and rehome in Lee and Collier Counties. We promote horse welfare and looking at all aspects of horse care. Ex racehorses in particular have amazing training right at the track. Bringing them into a program like ours – we help them heal, and then start them back under saddle. Many of our horses are available for adoption. Some ridable, some not, but all are amazing. We show the kids how to care for them, how to be safe around them, and do some riding.


Homeschool 5 Week Program starting Feb 15th 2023. (Jan session is FULL)

Meet once a week for 5 weeks. noon to 2pm Each session is 2 hours No experience needed Ages 7 and up Dates Feb 15, 22nd, March 1, 8, 15th Min students 4. Max students 8. We work hard. Learn a lot. Have fun. Support each other. While the kids will be exposed to riding, its not a riding class, its a horse class. They learn a variety of things that are really out of the box like learning to scan for a microchip, measuring and weighing a horse, detecting the heart beat and pulse, examining teeth to determine age, learning about BeMer, standing wraps, to help heal torn tendons, loading a horse on a trailer, in addition to the regular grooming, feeding and care. It is a lot! Kids will learn about ex racehorses, their life on the track and the training they receive and how we adjust them to civilian life We focus on kindness and empathy and looking at things from the horses view. This is such a great opportunity for them!


Spring Break March 13-15th.

Comprehensive! Three days of horses. Great for beginners or advanced! Ages 8-17 Class size – 4 students min – no more than 8 – Learn the basics of riding, care, and horsemanship in this informative three day class! Whats covered Safety first! How to prepare the horse and yourself for riding Mounting and dismounting Forward walk, turning, and whoa! Ending your ride on a positive note -Care for the horse- feeding, watering, hay/nutrition requirements -Liberty training – how to work with a horse off lead to get direction and speed changes, including whoa! -Ground work. proper leading, yielding on the forehand, disengaging hind quarters, perfecting the back up, and some tricks like standing on the tire, the bridge and bowing -Desensitization – getting horses used to objects they don’t. normally encounter, balloons, tarps, flags, etc -Bathing, Intro to clipping, and some fun playing in the sprinkler


Mom and Me Monday Jan 2nd 10-noon

Great for the 8 year old kids and under, come with mom, dad or other relative. Learn about horses and get a ride! $60 includes one child and one adult! This is a 2 hour class


Horses for Homeschoolers

Our class for our homeschooling horse loving kids! Learn about care and feeding and cleaning, and of course Riding the horse! Ages 6 and up. Two hour class. Next class is Oct 5th 1-3pm send us an email or check FB for a scheduled class.


Intro to Riding- Kids 3 hour group lesson

Horseback riding for beginners – (3 hour group lesson) – Learn the basics of riding, in this informative class! Whats covered Safety first! How to prepare the horse and yourself for riding Mounting and dismounting Forward walk, turning, and whoa! Ending your ride on a positive note Care for the horse This is a great place to start your riding education!


Want to work in the Horse Industry? (ADULTS)

This two day class provides basic skills for working in the horse industry! Looking for a job? Looking to increase your horse education? This two day course is the entry way to our 5 day intensive horse care course in April Horse handling – how to catch, halter, lead, go thru gates and turn out procedures Mucking- types of shavings, how to muck quickly but efficiently Nutrition and feeding protocols Tie, groom and bath a horse (learn quick release knots, cross ties, ground tie) Tack – the basics Colic – how to spot it and what to do Lameness- spot the first signs of lameness Hoof Abcesses- how to spot and treat Time Management – learn how to accomplish your tasks Getting a job – How to find one, and what questions should you ask of your potential employer? What benefits do they provide? Lessons, on site living quarters, exchange for riding or board of a horse? Are you looking for full or part time? This course will help you bring much needed knowledge! Cost $100 for the two days, bring a packed lunch and a refillable water bottle. Sat/Sunday Jan 15-16th Appropriate for ages 16 and up. This class is a prerequisite for our week long Immersion class on Getting a job in the horse industry


Immersion Week – Working in the Horse Industry

A week long Immersion into the basics of working in the horse industry Basic Care Feeding and Nutrition Grooming Lameness Issues Preventing and Treating Colic Turn out- basic and adding a new horse to the herd Wound Care Proper Tack and Saddle Fit Hooking up a trailer Loading/unloading horses Abcess – what causes them, how to treat including soaking and wrapping Skin Issues Behavioral issues Knowing how to prepare for a farrier or vet visit We will have respected individuals from the horse industry speaking on career paths For those who successfully pass the course, we will help you make connections to local jobs and further courses to advance your career path!


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