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Education is a big part of what we do!  Compassionate Horse Care and Riding. 

How can we enjoy our equine friends while ensuring they are enjoying it as well?    We have been featured by the Naples Daily News, ABC, Fox4, NBC2, WINK and many other local media outlets!

We take in injured racehorses, mainly from Gulfstream Park, but also local horses that are in need when we can.  Thru a huge core volunteer group (100+), we rehabilitate the ex racehorses and look to place them in local homes with loving families.

Something very unique that we do is pair these racehorses w the kids in our programs, to help them transition.  The kids learn all about taking care of them, helping them heal, learning to ride again, and see them come full circle when they adopt out from our program.  The program teaching the kids all about horsemanship skills, but also self-confidence, courage, empathy, and focus, so many life skills.  They learn to really care for others.

You can purchase something for yourself or as a gift for someone else.  All funds go to support our mission of racehorse rehabilitation, retraining,  rehoming and public education.  We are an all volunteer,  501c3 Animal Welfare Organization

Class recommendations for kids- here is a symopsis – to register scroll all the way down to the options for more details w prices and click the Payment button
Child is 7 and older – Full Day Camp (boys and girls) – come check it out, this does not require an ongoing commitment.  BACK TO SCHOOL The  1/2 Day ongoing camps (girls only)are a great choice, come once a week, and learn just so much. These are fun, very interactive groups and the parents are literally dragging their kids away when its time to go.  A financial and a time commitment though
Week long summer camp (girls only) – also a good option, 7 and older total immersion
Article from the Naples Daily News on our Girls Back to School and Summer camps

Child is under 6  (boys and girls)

Check out the Mom and Kids (Mom and Me class)  This offers safety and horse education w a short ride.  
Wee Ones Program – super low cost program designed for the little littles.   Really just spending some time w the horses and getting comfortable with them.  An hour long, offered a few times a year

All of our Adult and 14 and under classes are horsemanship classes using retired racehorses. While we do ride and teach riding, that is only one component of any of our programs.  They learn from the ground up about so many things.   If you are attending a class or program (like camp) you need to actually register with payment, scroll down the page until you find your class.  Clicking on the Event in FB does not register you for a class. 

Horses and safe spaces

Horses offer so much for kids (and for adults) that have nothing to do with riding. In fact some of our injured horses can’t be ridden at all. But they are a safe space, that shelter from the storm that can be so healing. Time/date Group – Wednesdays 4-5pm or we can schedule a private session for 30 minutes with time slots on Wednesdays anytime between 2-6pm Advance Registration and payment required, we are not able to accommodate walk ins.

30.00 $

Power Up Girls! Monday After School Program – Girls 10 and up

This is available as an ongoing program, start date of Sept 14th thru Dec 14th 2020. You can add in any time, but there is a min one month commitment once you start. Mondays 4-6 pm

160.00 $

Sat Girls Program – ongoing thru the year

Come to learn all about horses. From the ground up, this is a horsemanship program. They lean about helping the injured horses heal, retrain them for riding, and learn to assess, communicate, ride, care for, and feed the horses here. Its a wonderful program that promotes self confidence, responsibility, helping each other, and a love for all that is horse. New girls filtering into our program are paired up with a girl who has been here for a while to ensure that they feel comfortable and are immediately part of the group. Your girl can have horse experience, or she can have none. We welcome all! Girls meet the same day each week – Sat group is 9-noon This is both a time and financial commitment. You prepay at the beginning of each month. Class size is limited to 8.

210.00 $

Naples Kids Week at the Rescue Thanksgiving Edition

A whole week of learning and fun. Grooming, handling, taking, riding, learning about rehab, sometimes we have a visit w the farrier or vet when time allows. Kids will also learn about feeding and nutrition, mucking, and in general care of horses. They will learn about round pen work, assessing a horse, and have structured learning with plenty of fun as well. We have a fridge and freezer if they need, have them bring lunch, waters, and either a bathing suit or shorts/tank sandals that they can jump in the sprinkler in during the heat of the day. Helmets and safety vests are mandatory while riding and provided. Hours are 10-3 Monday-Friday on select weeks. Proceeds go to help the horses waiting for homes. Dates are listed on our FB page under Events Currently we have the week of Nov 23rd

250.00 $

Private Lesson Adult or Child

This is open to various topics from horsecars to training, working w difficult horses to riding Class is 1.5-2 hours long

90.00 $

Mom and Me

Great for the 3-8 year old kids, come with mom, dad or other relative. Learn about horses and get a ride! $60 includes one child and one adult! This is a 2 hour class

60.00 $

Horsemanship Class

Excellent clinic for those new to horses or anyone wanting to build a lasting relationship with their horse. Learn how to communicate, evaluate, and set healthy boundaries using compassionate training methods. Practicing ground work can improve a horses performance and make your partnership safer and stronger than ever before. It can also help your everyday tasks go smoother. Its about clear communication and timing. YOU DO NOT NEED YOUR OWN HORSE Class is approx 1.5 hours

30.00 $


Friday Oct 30th Day Camp

10-2pm learn about and work with horses! Pack the kids a lunch and send them over on this Day off of School!

50.00 $

Riding a Retired Racehorse

If you have an OTTB or want to learn to ride one, maybe are thinking of adopting, this is an excellent place to start. Learn what they know, what you may need to teach them and how to handle a young horse.


Riding with Confidence

Has it been a long time since you have ridden? Sometimes it’s hard to get back on. We are a bit older, parts maybe don’t work like they used too, whatever the case join us and get back in the saddle! $40 for this 2 hour group lesson. If you would like to book a private session contact us $60 for one hour - 2 hour a week min


See a horse that appears to need help? If you are in Collier County, you can call Domestic Animal Services directly at 239-252-PETS or FILE a complaint online Need to file a complaint anonymously?  Check it out here and see if you meet the requirements

Geld your horse!

Voucher for $100 off a gelding using your vet

Low or no cost clinics for gelding your horse

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