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Volunteers at Track to Trail

volunteer group shot august

Our orientation – August 2018

Each month the ranks of those making a difference for ex racehorses in Naples GROWS!  Our monthly orientations are full of wonderful local people who would  like to make a difference in their community, keeping it LOCAL!

Volunteers have the responsibility of feeding, caring, and rehabilitating the horses that come thru our doors.  From Fractured Sesamoids, to bowed tendons, knees that have been nearly destroyed and horses that have been starved or abused.  Every day and evening volunteers, take time out of their day to come and do something here to help.  Their love of horses and all animals binds them in this cause.

They also share our stories on FB,  bring friends and family in to volunteer and donate to our huge need of feed and hay and shavings and other misc things the horses need!

Without volunteers, we would not exist.  If you are local, please come to one of our monthly orientations, its the first Sat of every month – you can register on our VOLUNTEER PAGE  If you are not local, think about volunteering somewhere in your neck of the woods.  Giving of yourself is one of the best things you can do in life!

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