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Volunteer -learn about what we do, and our volunteer opportunities , fill out the form below to attend the monthly orientation!

We are Located in Golden Gate Estates, Naples FL –  Orientations are being held via Zoom Meeting

To attend, Register with the form at the bottom of this page

BUY a 50lb bag of feed

Great way to provide a valuable staple of their diet! You can also call in to Sutherland's for this and we will pick it up!


IMG_7284Project Volunteers –  help horses!  This is the starting point for all volunteers.  We have so many projects to chose from!  We meet the second Sat of each month, in order to be eligible there is a volunteer application and a Zoom meeting to attend.  – We are in the process of setting up the application – so please bear with us!
Children over 16 are welcome along with a parent volunteer.

After you have come to a few project days, and you are still looking for more. you can be considered for one of our Core Teams.  Core teams care for the horses.   Attendance, the ability to follow procedures and to be able to work independently as well as with a group is essential.

Core Volunteers
-that can volunteer a min of once a week for 3 months
-chose from AM and PM shifts weekdays and weekends
– have their own reliable transportation (no drop offs )
-Year round residents
– are at least 18 years of age
– can take direction and work well with others
-Have successfully completed 3 project sessions!

Where do you start?
We care for injured ex racehorses, which involves mucking, filling and cleaning waters.   As volunteers learn and are able to consistently stay on a regular schedule, there are opportunities to have roles of greater responsibility such as feeding, hoof care, grooming and bathing, and more.  We have a farrier team, evacuation team, office management team, adoption team and training team.  Training is available to local, year round volunteers that demonstrate their commitment.

What if I am seasonal?  Welcome to Seasonal Saturday’s!  Once a month we host work days for our Seasonal Volunteers so they can still help the horses!  We still would love to have you!   We often do events in the winter season and fundraisers that are great if you are here part time!

What if I can’t commit?  
Help comes in many forms, sponsoring a horse is a great way to help care for a horse if you can’t physically be here!

Above all the horses require the very best care and handling.  Everything here involves training,   We rely heavily on team work, having a teachable spirit, and putting the horses care first.

This is a place to help horses heal and get homes. We are so hopeful that you appreciate our mission and chose to join us!

After you hit SUBMIT, you are officially registered!
We will message you a confirmation email – usually within a few days
Many Employers offer money when their employees volunteer. Here are a few examples:
Microsoft provides a $17 grant to a nonprofit per every hour volunteered by an employee.
Verizon provides a $750 grant to a nonprofit when an employee volunteers for 50+ hours.
State Farm provides a $500 grant nonprofit when an employee volunteers for+ 40 hours.
Check with your employer. You could help purchase that next load of hay!


  1. Dan Martin says:

    Where are you located?

  2. […] one of our monthly orientations, its the first Sat of every month – you can register on our VOLUNTEER PAGE  If you are not local, think about volunteering somewhere in your neck of the woods.  Giving of […]

  3. Patricia Hutchinson says:

    I would love to volunteer one day a week between 9am and 2pm. Are kids allowed to volunteer?

  4. Laura J Foster says:

    I will help raise money. I moved here recently full time. I’m good at fundraisers and asking for sponsors. Etc.

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