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Home » Volunteer -learn about what we do, and our volunteer opportunities , fill out the form below to attend the monthly orientation!

Volunteer -learn about what we do, and our volunteer opportunities , fill out the form below to attend the monthly orientation!

We are Located in Golden Gate Estates, Naples FL

To attend, Register with the form at the bottom of this page

BUY a 50lb bag of feed

Great way to provide a valuable staple of their diet! You can also call in to Sutherland’s for this and we will pick it up!



Mucking Monday’s  
-A good fit for those that can volunteer 2-3 hours every Monday pm 
– have their own reliable transportation (no drop offs )
-are able to muck, so scooping poop, pushing a wheelbarrow that may weigh 50 pounds or more when filled, can deal w the heat and bugs of summer

Project Volunteers – (on break for summer)  help horses!  This is the starting point for all volunteers.  We have so many 
projects to chose from!  We meet the second Sat of each month,

What if I can’t commit?  
Help comes in many forms, sponsoring a horse is a great way to help care for a horse if you can’t physically be here!

Above all the horses require the very best care and handling.  Everything here involves training,   We rely heavily on team work, having a teachable spirit, and putting the horses care first.

This is a place to help horses heal and get homes. We are so hopeful that you appreciate our mission and chose to join us!

After you hit SUBMIT, you are officially registered!
We will message you a confirmation email – usually within a few days


  1. Dan Martin says:

    Where are you located?

  2. […] one of our monthly orientations, its the first Sat of every month – you can register on our VOLUNTEER PAGE  If you are not local, think about volunteering somewhere in your neck of the woods.  Giving of […]

  3. Patricia Hutchinson says:

    I would love to volunteer one day a week between 9am and 2pm. Are kids allowed to volunteer?

  4. Laura J Foster says:

    I will help raise money. I moved here recently full time. I’m good at fundraisers and asking for sponsors. Etc.

  5. Victoria says:

    I would love to help out there both physically and by occasional donations feed, money or things needed. I can also help with photography if needed. I had a horse younger in life and have always had a love for them.. so beautiful & graceful!❤

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