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Who’s Sleeping with Who?
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In our first segment of Who’s Sleeping with Who, the saga of Phoenix and Ruby

RUBY is a sweet young filly that we picked up at Gulf Stream w a fractured ankle.  She is here healing and waiting for her forever home. She is only 3 years old and 17 hands, a big girl and still growing!  She has been on a stall rest, healing up, she has a fairly large paddock so she can have a buddy or two.  She is very low key for a horse fresh off the track.


PHOENIX is a strikingly handsome gelding, 7 years old, here because his owner died suddenly of a heart attack.  He is absolutely huge, around 1600 pounds.  But he grew up on a breeding farm, surrounded by Stallions, so never having turn out w others, doesn’t understand how horse society works. He has also never been ridden.


WILEY is a permanent resident here. He is an 8 year old gelding and Herd Manager.  He was injured in his last race, fracturing his coffin bone and was going to be euthanized.  But his original owner/trainer came to his rescue and picked him up, saving his life. He came to us along w his pasture mate Cypress.

Upon Arrival, Phoenix had his own pen, out in the pasture so he would get to know everyone without being in the Gen Pop.  On day three, he jumped over the round pen panel and joined the crew.  So still not wanting him out and about I put him in with Ruby, a bond was formed.  Over a week he became very attached to her.

So fast forward, it is time for him to come out and  meet the herd for real. Ruby and Phoenix come out and in a few minutes, Wiley STEALS Ruby and chases Phoenix away. Wiley and Maggie make a bond w Ruby and herd her around, decidedly keeping Phoenix at bay, here is a little clip, he is constantly “sent away”


So now Phoenix is making new friends, Buddy Chevy, Cash, and Jonesy are reluctantly letting Phoenix into the fold.   Will this be it for Phoenix and Ruby?  Will they reunite?  Where there be an epic battle to win her hoof?  Stay tuned to the next episode… And so the wheelbarrow turns…

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