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Medical Help Needed – J/C Pawan
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Medical alert for new intake PAWAN – He needs an appt w Brandon Equine to look at what is suspected to be a torn meniscus. He may also need surgery.

If you don’t see the horse, it is easier to say no. But once you see them, and meet them, how can you possibly leave them behind? We could not leave him behind.

Who can offer him help?

He needs a visit to Dr Ruth-Anne Richter at Brandon Equine a few hours north of us for an exam and possible surgery. Hes also going to need some pain management.

This incredibly sweet horse was injured in training at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale, FL. We picked him up this week.

Exam would roughly be $500 for a suspected torn meniscus. She would determine if surgery would be helpful, so he might need more than just the initial exam.

If you have it in your heart to help, please let us know. If we can get a few people wiling to chip in, I can make an appt this week and get him some care.

Update – we have an appt for PAWAN Monday Dec 19th at Brandon Equine. If it is determined that surgery is required, we may proceed with that if at all possible.

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Send money for Pawan – Click on the link above or scan – he now has his own QR code which makes it really easy for us to track who is giving specifically to him!

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