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Behind the scenes w kids camp and ex racehorses
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Welcome everyone! Exracehorses and kids are such a great match! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about what we do here! We love our horses and love the kids that come here to our program. This program is a fantastic way to build confidence in a child while promoting teamwork, healthy boundaries, self evaluation, and of course getting out and moving our bodies!

The key component is appropriate supervision. We show the kids how to care for, help retrain, and work with both sanctuary and adoptable horses. It’s a key component of what we do!

It starts w planning, what ages are best suited for which activity? Can we create classes for different age ranges so they get the most out of it? Planning the curriculum takes much more time than you think! The kids, the ages and how many really affect the quality of class, so preplanning is key. The sign up begins with listing it on Facebook and our website, fielding questions from parents, getting the kids signed up, confirming w the parents on everything they need to know, getting waivers signed and that is all before we start teaching. We spend at least an equal amount of time doing these behind the scenes activities, as we do teaching, which I think folks don’t realize. They see the end product of the class.

As the girls continue to come, we spend a lot of time seeing how they progress and making adjustments to each lesson in order to best support them. Teaching someone a skill takes a bit of effort and planning, looking at what they have done in the past, what they currently know, where do they excel , what might be the next goal, and what do they need to work on to become better riders and horseman/women. Making a plan that is encouraging and fun for them, trying to keep them goal oriented but also teaching self evaluation. Theres so much to it!

Ex racehorses go from racing, to riding in a sprinkler, playing broomstick polo, going to showmanship competitions, riding outings to the park, and a whole host of activities that are just so good for them.

The longer a horse is here and exposed to kids camp, the more suitable he or she may be for a local family.

The camps also bring in income to help fund the rescue, the horses hay and vet bills alone are astronomical. It doesn’t pay for everything, but it sure does help!

THE TAKEAWAY. Kids camp is really beneficial, in so many ways, but its a lot of work! If you have a background w ex racehorses and teaching and would like to become involved in a regular basis, please reach out,

Have a child that is horse crazy and up for a challenge? Check out our class offerings and educational opportunities

Jackson in the park w student Rylie working w the flag

Student Maddie working w Salty Celebration – he is rehabbing from a torn tendon and can do short rides for now
Giada and Wiley practicing in hand obstacles

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