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Naples Horse Rescue seeks new home
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Track to Trail Inc, a Naples, FL,  an all volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit needs a new home!

Collier County, Florida:
Located in Pine Ridge Estates, the off-track thoroughbred rehabilitation facility is in need of a larger more conducive property for the healing of injured racehorses.  We seek our own property, thru donation, funding or long term lease to continue our mission.

How we arrived in Pine Ridge Estates
Our original location out in Golden Gate Estates took a tremendous hit with Hurricane Irma and we had to relocate in order to continue.  Extensive damage with fences down, shelter roof missing, feed room gone and tack room gone, flooding, it was too much to overcome while still tending to the horses.

We made the decision to move into town, renting a large commercial barn.  That was a blessing with being able to meet so many lovely people that wanted to help, and certainly provided a temporary fix to our situation.   A really urban environment though with and all the traffic, noise and commotion that comes with it are just not in the horses best interest long term.  They need room to run, they need shade, and a tranquil environment to promote healing.  Over the summer we have moved half of our horses back to our original location.   They are back to running, playing and being happy, but this location is too small to accommodate the organization we have grown to be in the last two years.  We need to find a place that encompasses both of these worlds, a great barn for rehab and educational programs with the ability for the horses to have what they need to thrive.

We want to find a location where we can continue to help these amazing horses as well as continue our girls programs and our free Reading to Racehorses literacy program, while giving the horses room to run, with plenty of shade and the tranquility.  

Our Educational Programing  and how that works w exracehorses…

uno michaela

Michaela working with He’s The One to work on trust confidence to improve his chances of being adopted

We have been featured by the Naples Daily News, ABC, Fox4, NBC2, WINK and many other local media outlets!

We take in injured racehorses, mainly from Gulfstream Park, but also local horses that are in need when we can.  Thru a huge core volunteer group (100+), we rehabilitate the ex racehorses and look to place them in local homes with loving families.

Something very unique that we do is pair these racehorses w the kids in our programs, to help them transition.  The kids learn all about taking care of them, helping them heal, learning to ride again, and see them come full circle when they adopt out from our program.  The program teaching the kids all about horsemanship skills, but also self-confidence, courage, empathy, and focus, so many life skills.  They learn to really care for others. Read more….



Teddy is an exracehorse (Sunnynseventyfive) that came to us from Gulfstream Park with an injury that required 12 months of rehabilitation. Here is Chrissy working with him at liberty until he is ready to return to riding.

The severity of the injuries mean most horses are with us 6-12 months for the healing and rehabilitation part of their stay, and then are available for adoption to qualified homes in Lee and Collier County.   We need both stalls, small paddocks and large areas as the horses go thru this process.  Most of our horses suffer injuries and arthritis related to those injuries, having them in small stalls and paddocks without the ability to move sufficiently makes arthritic conditions worse.    The very best thing is for them to be outside moving as much as possible.  We need dry areas and shelter/shade for them, in addition to a barn for the critical cases when they arrive.


Ariel B came to us with a fractured knee, set to be euthanized, our volunteers and girls program nursed her back to health.  She was successfully rehomed! 



Our Girls Program working with Eliot (Track Shill), who is now a deputy w the Lee County Sheriff’s Dept.   His new name is Maverick!


Jackson (Irene’s Song) came in at age 18 hardly able to walk, thin w muscles that had atrophied and permanent nerve damage on his back.   His attitude was very defensive.  The girls showed him that life can be good!  They helped w his Physical Therapy and the Emotional Support he needed.  He is successfully rehired right here in Collier County!

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