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Equine/Human Wellness Classes
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Equine/ Human Wellness series

As we strive to bring horses and horse owners together, and introduce new people to horses, we are starting a wellness series, each month a different topic  $30 per person no previous experience required. REGISTER ONLINE or call 239-963-7296

Feb 12th yoga and balanced riding– led by Darlene Casey bring your yoga mat!
In this session we will explore how Yoga can benefit us while in the saddle. We will explore the transition of basic yoga concepts from the mat and onto our saddles. In this session we will be exploring a Yoga Flow series of postures designed to open our hearts and hips, and stabilize our core (Please bring a mat or towel with you to practice on).

Yoga principles of alignment, symmetry, and rhythm are all essential components along with flexibility, balance, core strength and breath. These principles will allow us to bring balance, flexibility, awareness, and focus to our riding. We learn to develop a conscious awareness of our bodies and our minds which allows us to communicate and move in harmony with our equine partners. A rider who is balanced and confidently in control of her body, mind and spirit will instill confidence, symmetry and focus in her horse.

March 12th  Stretches for you and your horse followed by massage: led by Darlene Casey
In this session we will learn several easy everyday stretches that you can do with your horse. We will also explore some basic horse massage techniques that every horse owner should know.

Did you know that the muscular system makes up over half (60%) of a horse’s total body weight? So it is easy to understand why most motion problems originate within the horse’s muscular system.

It is well known that many horses (and riders) can benefit from a massage. A massage helps to increasing circulation, relaxing muscle spasms, relieving tension, enhancing muscle tone, and increasing range of motion in horses. It is important to note that massage benefits not only an ailing animal but provides a means of preventative maintenance for all of our animal companions.
March 19th Reiki circle led by Amy Poss

April 8th Guided Intention Meditation by Dimitra  

May 13th  Using Essential Oils and Flower Essences: Led by Darlene Casey
In this session we will learn the basic uses for Oils and Flower Essences with our Horses. We will discuss how to properly use essential oils and the many ways that oils and essences can benefit the horse (and rider!) Even though Essential oils are Natural and considered Safe – there are many precautions you should be aware of before administering essential oils to yourself or your horse.

Before horses were kept in stables, they roamed free and were able to keep themselves healthy by grazing on a large variety of plants. Horses were able to use their deeply ingrained instincts to seek out the plants they needed to maintain their own health. The animals would seek out certain plants at different times according to their needs. Thousands of years of herbal tradition tell us that herbs work.

No experience required! $30 per class – and it goes to the feeding and care of the horses here!
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Instructor  Bios
Darlene Casey

Darlene Casey has been an avid horseperson since she was old enough to walk, owning and managing several barns, teaching lessons, leading workshops, and generally being a student of all things Equine. Darlene has such passion and love for these amazing animals. It was her relationship with her own two beloved “boyz” that inspired Darlene to seek out additional avenues to broaden and deepen her own experience. She became a certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Practitioner, and Equine Massage Therapist. Additionally, she poured countless hours of study and research into other complimentary modalities such as Essential Oils, Dowsing and the study or Equine Chiropractic Techniques.

Now her goal is to share what she has learned and to help others in caring for themselves and their animal companions. By incorporating tools such as Centered Riding Techniques, Yoga, Reiki, Dowsing, Animal Communication, Equine Massage, Natural Horsemanship, Essential Oils and Flower Remedies; she helps her students to foster a positive, healthy relationship with their equine friends based on understanding, love and compassion.


Amy Poss


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