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Microchip Clinic Feb 21st 2015 at MONSTERFEST
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Have your horse chipped! This will help locate your horse if lost, stolen, or gets loose in a hurricane/natural disaster. Emergency Personal, vets, animal shelters and other pet professionals can scan your horse to determine identity/ownership and contact you. This is proof of ownership for competitions and insurance claims as well. This is a great way to keep track of your horse, for rescues to keep track of fosters and horses that are adopted out. Cost will be $60 per horse. Contact us to reserve your spot, we will have 25 chips total and the cost of placing the chip is included.

This is a non refundable fee- we will only have 25 chips available
Purchase this Paypal – use to send $60 per horse
Purchase w Check made out to Horse Rescue of South FL  3847 2nd Ave SE, Naples, FL 34117
Purchase w your credit card- call us at 239-963-7296

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