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Starving horses- How you can help
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This story broke last week, 11 malnourished horses were seized by Miami-Dade Police.  3 of the 11 horses are coming to our Rescue, please spread the word, donate, or volunteer.  We need money to pay for their board, the farrier, we need grain and hay, water buckets and feed buckets for all three.

Paypal donations

Send a check
Horse Rescue of South Florida
3847 2nd Ave SE
Naples, FL  34117

Buy Hay or Grain
Sutherland’s General Store
11875 Collier Blvd  Naples
(239) 353-3808

Feed Company
(239) 353-5225
12135 Collier Blvd., Naples, FL

Here is the story!

Transporting horses is extremely costly, and we are so lucky to have volunteers  Lara Simonsen and Jeannie Neumeir both of Naples, FL who will bring these sweet boys home to us.

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