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Help a horse! Feed, hay, vet, farrier services

Purchase much needed supplies for the horses.

Van Roekel Assoc (Vet)

Sutherlands General Store
Purina Strategy Healthy Edge
3-Tie Alfalfa
Fly spray, halters, muck forks


Manny Suardiaz (Farrier)
barefoot trim, therapy shoeing


50 pund bag of Purina Strategy Healthy Edge

Low starch feed from our local store- you can call them or purchase here and we will go get it!



Alfalfa Mini Cubes – 40 pound bag

We feed these mostly to the seniors but all the horses love them.



Three Tie Alfalfa Bales

These weigh about 100 pounds, and are square bales. These are what we use in hay nets, stalls, or on the trailer.


Farrier – barefoot trim

Trim cycles are about every 3-4 weeks. Hooves in FL experience very dry and very wet, making it challenging! Frequent visits by the farrier keep them healthy and sound! Farriers don’t take credit cards, so you can leave a check here w us made out to Juan Rivera, or purchase it via PayPal and we will schedule him!


Therapy Shoes

Sometimes a horses injury is so severe, the horse needs special shoes to stabilize their hoof. Founder, surgery, tendon tears, are all things we deal with. These are essential to the rehab process. Check can be made out to Juan Rivera and dropped or mailed here, or you can purchase below and we will schedule him directly!


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We take in injured ex racehorses, rehabilitate them and seek permanent, loving, local homes for them
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