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Confirmation or class/orientation

Thank you so much for donating or signing up!


If you have signed up for class or orientation
We are at 3847 2nd Ave SE Naples, FL – Please be aware we are on private property, and want to be good neighbors!  Come in, park in front, be sure not to block the drive and walk back to the patio.  We have seating and umbrellas.  Someone will be there to greet you!  Please do not stay outside the gate and beep.  The noise really carries.
if you are coming for orientation, please arrive a few minutes before (we usually start at 10am ) Wear solid shoes w socks, long pants and T-shirt or something to protect from sun or bugs.   If you would like to help, you can bring a bag of grain (Purina Strategy Healthy Edge – Available at Sutherlands General Store  with you, the horses eat so much and its much appreciated,you can find that listed on our donation page, what to buy and where to get it. If you have registered on our Volunteer tab on this webpage, you will get a personal email confirmation.  If you register very close to the date, you may not receive a confirmation in time.   If you can’t make it, consider donating some feed anyway and coming to the next one!

What to wear – closed toe shoes, long pants, t-shirt or sun protection shirt.  We do offer safety vests for adults, and those are mandatory for kids, if they wear a tank top, they may rub directly on the skin  What to bring – water in a hard sided tumbler (no plastic bottles allowed in the arena or barn)


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