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Help the horses



3. Click on a button below TO BUY WHAT THY NEED 

BUY a 50lb bag of feed

Great way to provide a valuable staple of their diet! You can also call in to Sutherland’s for this and we will pick it up!


Hoof Trim for one horse- or two!

The farrier comes every 4 weeks. Healthy hooves are so essential for a healthy horse. This is a great way to help! A barefoot trim is $40, occasionally we need shoes for medical purposes, those can be $100-$300 depending on the case


Hay Bale – 3 tie alfalfa

The three tie alfalfa square bales come in around 100 pounds for $47. These are the bales we use in the stalls, in the trailer, and anywhere that horses reside where we don’t have a hay block. Hay is our biggest expense and the most important part of the horses diet! You can also call in to Sutherlands for this!


Vet Bills

They are often in the thousands. We only take rehab and neglect cases. Support a horse in need w $50 towards their medical care!


Equine Dentist

Horses need dental work a minimum of once a year. Having healthy teeth reduces pain when eating, allows horses to get the full nutritional value of their feed and hay and is especially essential for new intakes. Sharp points can cause pain when being led by a halter and most certainly when riding with a bit. Happy teeth mean a happy horse! We use Melissa from the Equine Practice !


Hay Block – 1000 pounds

We use beautiful pasture blocks of hay in the field, this allows the horses to eat free choice hay, 24/7 . These are delivered by C&R Ranch and are 1000 pounds each! We go through 4 of these a week, so 16,000 pounds a month. It is our number one cost when feeding the horses!



Or send a Check (mailing address, not stable location)
Track to Trail
3847 2nd Ave SE
Naples, FL  34117

Help pay a vet bill!
Van Roekel and Associates
18321 N Olga Dr, Alva, FL 33920
(239) 694-7177

grain, grooming supplies call Sutherland’s and purchase us a Gift Certificate or C & R Ranch for hay

11875 Collier Boulevard
Golden Gate, Florida 34116
Items needed
Purina Strategy Healthy Edge 50 pound bags ($23)
Three Tie Alfalfa $46 a bale
Fly spray
Hanging feed buckets

C & R Ranch.- HAY
Phone:(239) 250-6186
They sell quality pasture blocks, 1000 pounds of hay  You can contact them to purchase and delivery is included!  $300 for each 1000 block, we go thru about 3 a week!

Monthly Sponsor Grain and a hoof trim

We have a horse WISH LIST!  


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