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Physically by appt only – we offer orientations and tours occasionally
Phone 239-963-7296

Mailing address
3847 2nd Ave SE, Naples, FL 34117

Also, visit official Facebook page 

Wiley Woo says hello!

Wiley Woo always ready to make a new friend!


  1. Halle says:

    I have been looking for a horse another horse for a LONG time. Hoping I can find one at your facility. Thanks! Please email me @

  2. Joanne Recht says:

    My 12 year old grandaughter has a passion for horses. I have visited, contacted, called and even paid for a minimum of 4 riding classes only to have to wait over a month to start then after only 1 hour class they were canceled due to an sprain that became infected with the horse she had her lesson with never to offer any more information to us as when, if ever we may come back. Many stables are overbooked or under staffed due to covid.
    I came across your website this morning and showed my grandaughter. Her eyes were finally twinkling again after over a year of set backs.
    Please let me know if all the lessons posted are still available and if so when I may come out and visit with my grandaughter, Vittoria.

  3. coolsey1 says:

    Can you tell me more about Danceonthemoney please? Thank you! Please email me at

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