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Adoption Qualifications

Our Guarantee of Safety for life:

  • We take back any of our horses that are no longer wanted or able to be cared for by adopter
  • We don’t allow horses that have been adopted out to be resold, given away, or transferred- we place in forever homes only
  • If at any time an adopter is faced w an equine medical emergency that puts the horses life at risk, but they can’t afford the procedure or care, we also take the horse back and put them under our care with our vet at our expense.SAFE FOR LIFE

Adoption Process
1. Fill out  Adoption Application ONLINE

2.  A board member or volunteer will contact you to schedule a visit

3. After you have visited and worked with some of our horses, your application for that specific horse will go to our board for a vote and approval of the adoption

4.  You will be notified in writing of the board’s decision

5.  If you have been approved for the horse you have picked, All adoption fees are due and the horse will be delivered to your farm or boarding barn within a week.  If you are not able to take the horse within that time frame, you can elect to pay a $20 a day fee for up to two weeks for his or her care here. After that the horse will go back up for adoption.

6.  Calls, questions, and concerns about your newly adopted horse are most welcome!  We are happy to help in any way we can, personally or via referral to barns, trainers, feed stores, whatever we can do to make this a smooth and happy transition.  Just ask!

More info on all of the above
We adopt out locally, to people who live in our area and have local references. That area includes Collier and Lee Counties. All adoptive families are required to come out, meet the horses, and then spend time here working with the horse to ensure a good match. That is usually done once or twice a week over a period of several weeks. If there is a match, at that point you pay the adoption fee and we make arrangements to bring the horse to your home or facility.

All horses go with a contract, For the first six months, you do not legally own the horse. At the end of the 6 months, if the horse has maintained a healthy weight and is emotionally sound and physically sound, You are then the legal adoptive owners. This keeps away the kill buyers, the horse flippers, and the horse traders. We are only interested in loving permanent homes for these horses. Home checks are required before the horse leaves, we do not allow any of the horses here to be stabled using barbed wire or stalled 24/7. They must have access to turn out fresh hay appropriate grain, and plenty of clean water. We require owners to have a vet appt at least once a year and to keep the Coggins current. We do not adopt out to homes where the horse will be kept alone or on property without someone living on the premises. Owners must have appropriate skill level or work with a local approved trainer. You are not allowed to rehome or resell or give away your adopted horse. All horses MUST be returned here. We do not adopt out to therapy programs or schooling organizations, only individual people who intend to keep the horse as their personal horse.

Remember you are looking at retired racehorses. They are very expensive to feed. They require more than most other breeds. Plan on spending a minimum of $300 a month for each OTTB that you own in feed. Factor in farrier, ancillary items, you are up to $400 a month. And if you owe board, that much more.  Make sure that is in your budget before considering an OTTB

img_5751Fostering can be a great way to help out.  We look for a 12 month commitment, to help a horse that needs extra attention.
What are fosters able to do?
Provide very detailed care for a medically needy horse
Provide comfort for a neglected horse
Fostering a horse opens up a space for the next injured horse!

Fosters provide space, shelter, feed, and all medical care to their fostered horse.
Fosters are able to give much needed attention to their fostered horse
Foster homes will have at least one other gelding or mare)
Foster Homes will have adequate turn out and stalls for inclement weather or medical needs
Fosters can fill out an online application
All foster homes will have a sight inspection and reference checks, and a match will be provided.
All foster parents will come and. meet prospective foster horses
If approved, we will deliver foster horse to your home!


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