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Medical Help Needed – J/C Pawan

Medical alert for new intake PAWAN – He needs an appt w Brandon Equine to look at what is suspected to be a torn meniscus. He may also need surgery.

If you don’t see the horse, it is easier to say no. But once you see them, and meet them, how can you possibly leave them behind? We could not leave him behind.

Who can offer him help?

He needs a visit to Dr Ruth-Anne Richter at Brandon Equine a few hours north of us for an exam and possible surgery. Hes also going to need some pain management.

This incredibly sweet horse was injured in training at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale, FL. We picked him up this week.

Exam would roughly be $500 for a suspected torn meniscus. She would determine if surgery would be helpful, so he might need more than just the initial exam.

If you have it in your heart to help, please let us know. If we can get a few people wiling to chip in, I can make an appt this week and get him some care.

Update – we have an appt for PAWAN Monday Dec 19th at Brandon Equine. If it is determined that surgery is required, we may proceed with that if at all possible.

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Send money for Pawan – Click on the link above or scan – he now has his own QR code which makes it really easy for us to track who is giving specifically to him!

So how different are Thoroughbreds anyway?

I had someone write us, looking for a working student position and one thing she said was that she knew about horses, but wanted to learn about handling Thoroughbreds, she had not had experience with that yet.   

And that is an interesting talking point – are they different?   What I personally find, assuming they are working w horses off the track, they are generally young.  But they are big.  Most people that see them, assume they are older, and not really babies.  And I have found most people are not used to handling young horses. Much less big ones. 

They can be not only energetic, but also very playful.  Curious, wanting to explore.  Knowing there are “rules” but quickly start to test boundaries if they are not kept relatively firm.   And by firm, I don’t mean that you are rough w the horse, just really consistent.  

I find on average, the horses that come from the track, the young have really good manners.  They have been handled by professionals all of their lives.  But when they go to an amateur owner (which most of us are).  They can go downhill really quick, like any other horse, but w their age, that can happen even faster.  They are still in learning mode.  

So it just makes one puzzle, are they really “different” to handle than any other horse, or do you just end up w less experienced people handling a big young horse and expecting it to act like the older horse they have owned or leased or ridden.  

We all recognize a puppy or a young dog vs a middle age dog, but how many people really recognize instantly the traits of a young horse. Starting to attribute their behavior to breed instead of age?

A young girl riding young Stevie (Wonder What’s Next) bareback and in a halter

While there are plenty of older OTTB’s out there, most commonly I hear stories and when I ask what age the horse is, they were fairly young, so I think maybe people are meeting young horses most often as their first “Thoroughbred” experience   

We have had so many fantastic young horses here, but really they have seen so much at the track, and had professionals their entire lives, we find them to be so good natured and easy to handle, but consistency, consistency, consistency… 

What are your thoughts? 

Young “HE’S THE ONE” giving a riding lesson to a student.  He was just 4! She was brand new to riding and he was such a good boy. Thoroughbreds have huge hearts and are full of try. Mismanagement can and does happen. Check out Put in the Effort to learn how often, with no intention at all, things can start to go sideways.

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Horse Speak class Sept 11th 2022

Great hands on clinic on how to better communicate with your horse or a horse you work with or just learn more about horses!

Great hands on clinic on how to better communicate with your horse or a horse you work with or just learn more about horses!

Learn and practice techniques to
-form strategies

This is super useful if you have issues w your horse that you find undesirable or confusing. Often there are simple fixes to some basic problems once you understand them! The first step is getting to the root of whats going on. Many times the “issue” is a symptom of the underlying problem. This course helps you get started!

You can register by
-emailing and we can send you a virtual registration,

-you can paypal $75 to

-calling/texting 239-963-7296