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Holiday Horse Camp Naples Dec 27-31st

2021! v Spend the week here at the rescue during your Holiday break!

Kids will learn all about horses, have fun and games, crafts and contests along w solid skill horsemanship building exercises. Lots of horse time and activity!

Monday-Friday 9-2pm. $300. Want them to stay until 5? add $150 for the extra 15 hours!


Track to Trail Lecture Series

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home ex racehorses. This education series is designed to help people considering adoption, or who already have OTTBs!

Join us for a series of educational events here at the rescue. All events start at 1pm unless otherwise indicated. Each lecture/demonstration is $10 per person or $50 for the 6 part series

Sept 25 2021 – Adopting an exracehorse – pros and cons, what do you need, how much do they cost, what experience should you have?

Oct 23 2021-
Retraining your ex racehorse. What do they know, what do they need to learn? What do you need to learn?

Nov 20 2021 Non ridable horses. There are so many things you can do w a horse that isn’t able to carry a rider. Showmanship, Liberty, Tricks, Therapy, Come learn and see a demonstration.

Jan 20 2022 Feeding your exracehorse – Nutritional needs of your house in SWFL -what do they eat, how much does it cost and where to get it

Feb 26th 2022 On the track injuries – what are the most common injuries sustained in racing – rehab strategies and what capabilities might they have after healing?

March 19 2022 Trailering your ex racehorse. What kind of trailer do you need for them to fit comfortably and safely? Slant load, straight load, do you get a ramp or a step up? Steel or aluminum? What about your tow vehicle, what do you need to be safe!

Lecture Series $10 each

Join us for an hour of discussion and possible demonstration learning about ex racehorses. Buy one or more! Once we get your payment, we will email you to confirm which date/lecture you are looking to join and send further info along w directions!


Lecture Series – all sessions

Purchase all 6 sessions for the price of 5!