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Feb 2021 -whats coming up?

January saw the adoption of two horses and the intake of one. As we move into February we are preparing one of our horses, Wonder What’s Next for spinal surgery. He has been diagnosed with Kissing Spine Disease. We and we will transport him to Brandon Equine where Dr. Richtor will perform the surgery. He will remain in the clinic for a few days then we can bring him home. There will be 3 weeks of stall rest, then an additional three w some specific exercises, and then a reassessment.

Salty Celebration, aka MAC will be getting a reassessment for a torn tendon. He was injured back in Nov/Dec and came to us mid January. He’s expected to need a few more months of rest then be suitable for flat work, lower level dressage, trail riding. Dr Richtor is the vet who saw him initially with his previous owners, so she will continue with him here.

Feb 14th We will be at the Nawty Hogg for Valentines Day.
Feb 22nd We will be at the Ritz Carlton Beach Resort for a a benefit for the Gulfshore Playhouse


The Girls POWER UP Program sees the addition of Weds 4:30-6:30. This class is limited to 4 students