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Adopt an ex racehorse at Track to Trail Inc Naples, FL

We are rolling out 2019 to be our best year ever!
Now thru the end of February 2019
Adopt a horse and get free lessons for 1 month!
Adoption fees waived if you have adopted from us before!
Adopt a companion horse or light riding horse and we will get you a 1000 bale of compressed hay to get you started!

We aways offer
Transport to adopters new home
Assistance w Medical Emergencies
We will pick them back up no questions asked
Free board during natural disasters such as fire/hurricane if you are displaced
-and many more benefits!

We always have a wait list of injured horses wanting to get in, the best way to help them is to adopt a horse that has already gone through rehabilitation!

Two Ex Racehorses meeting for the first time at our rehabilitation center

If you are interested, please check out our Adoption Page, and FB page which hosts many pictures and videos then fill out an Application to schedule a visit!
Not ready to adopt? You can donate, volunteer, or sponsor a horse!