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2017 April Fool’s Equestrian Games

Join Track to Trail Thoroughbreds for another exiting round of games!

Located in the beautiful Picayune Strand State Forest,
Mounted archery,  scavenger hunt, flag relay, . Plus  some of our old favorites like ride a buck and bobbing for apples and musical chairs! Fun for the whole family. It’s about enjoying time w your horse and meeting new friends.


There is also camping available at the park, you are responsible for paying your own camping and stall fees, we will have lunch available after the games for $10

Rural King Sat Nov 26th 2017

Come meet some ex racehorses and see if adopting, volunteering, or donating supplies is something you might want to do!t2truralnov26jpeg

Vino’s Picasso FUNraiser April 2, 2017

Support our horses by drinking wine, listening to Brazilian Jazz, and painting, Last time we did this, we sold out!

Really easy, the staff provides all the materials and instruction.

Join us for an afternoon of painting and wine all while raising some hay
Click here to go to the Vino’s site and get registered!

April 2nd 2017
Painting begins right at 2, please show up a few minutes early!
Cost $40

Vino’s Picasso – 2367 Vanderbilt Beach Road, #805, Naples, Florida

link to the event on the Vino Site

Volunteer Orientation Nov 13th 2016

Our next orientation is Sunday, Nov 13th from 1-2pm.
Check out what it is like, and let us know if you would like to attend


Riding the OTTB

ReaganLooking for a new horse?  A  local rehoming facility is a great place to start. It helps that horse get a new family and makes a space for the next one waiting to come in.  Well you want to go visit potential horses and go for a ride! Right?

A hurdle we find,  with potential adopters, is  when a person comes out that wants to “test out” the horse by going for a ride, that they all have different styles of riding. The horses when they first arrive here have race training, the potential adopters do not. If a horse has been here for a while, we have taught them some of the basics, but your style may still vary greatly from what the horse knows.

(If the horse is very fresh off the track, they should be given enough down time to decompress before retraining and riding starts, and that varies from horse to horse. )

So this horse that you are excited about adopting, and you, probably speak different languages.  Let that sink in – Two different languages.

All hope is not lost, but it is really important to understand.

I was reading a recent article in Practical Horseman, a list of 15 common mistakes that riders make, and exercises to correct them.  It got me thinking about how smart and savvy a horse needs to be in order to figure this all out.

They try and do the right thing even when:

  1. You are making the riding mistakes
  2. When you are practicing and trying to correct your riding mistakes
  3. When you have improved immensely but still sometimes default to old habits

So all sorts of confusing cues and signals are actually trying to communicate to the horse to do one thing, and those signals and cues change over time, and the horse is supposed to understand that, even thru all of these changes.  Isn’t it amazing that sometimes they do?

So when you come here to see a horse, and after a visit or two its time to try a short ride, please remember that this horse has one set of training and you may have another, and the person that visited them the week before, they probably have yet a different style of riding. And the person who comes the following week, they will be different too.

Be patient.  The most common comment we get is about how calm and well behaved the horses are.  But again, remember that they may not know the exact same things that you do. So there is an adjustment period, and that can’t be determined on a ride here in a matter of minutes, it will happen thru consistent training

OTTBs  can easily be taught to ride the way you do.  But it does take training.  The horses are young and smart and learn easily.  If you are a kind consistent person and give them time to learn, they will flourish .  But they do need the time and they do need the retraining.

So adopt your OTTB, love on your OTTB and give him or her the retraining that they need to have happy and safe rides!

If you need help retraining your OTTB, we can help to some extent with that, and also make connections w great local trainers of any discipline.  If you have experience retraining OTTB’s and want to be added to our list of approved trainers, please send an email to


Fall Equestrian Games


WHEN: Nov 12th 2016                                        REGISTER                            REGISTER PLUS LUNCH
TIME: 9am- 1pm
WHERE: Picayune Strand State Forest, Naples, FL
PRICE $35 add lunch and a beverage for additional  $8

Join us for a fun filled day of horsemanship.  Games all day  We are an OTTB organization but welcome all breeds

Relay raceIMG_0103.JPG
Broom Polo
Bobbing for apples
Tricks contest
Freestyle contest- in hand, or in the saddle

Most creative mount or dismount


Enter our  our desensitization course!

Please pre register to encores your spot!  There are stalls available at the park for $10 per day (you pay them directly) you may also arrive the night before and camp!
Picayune Strand State Forest
2121 52nd Ave SE
Naples, FL



Vino’s Picasso Hayraiser July 24th 2016

Join us for a fun evening painting and drinking wine to support our mission!

Paint a horse, drink wine, help the cause!!
Our Fundraiser at Vino Picaso July 24th 4:30-6:30
Event Sign Up
Track to Trail Thoroughbreds FUNdraiser
Date/Time: Sun, 7/24/2016, 4:30 – 6:30 PM
Location: Vino’s Picasso – 2367 Vanderbilt Beach Road, #805, Naples, Florida 34109
Price Per Seat: $40.00
ALL supplies and instruction with local artists included!
Painting begins @ 430pm. Doors open 30 minutes before.
$5 for every bottle and $2 for every glass of wine or beer sold will be donated to the cause!
Link to sign up


Tack Sale! Orientation!

July 16th 2016 will be a busy day!

10-noon TACK SALE
Countless items have been donated so we can raise money for hay and care of the horses awaiting homes!  Please come out and support us!

Saddles -English and Western
Bits- English and Western
Saddle Pads- English and Western
Girths- English and Western

Half chaps
lunge line
feed buckets
water buckets

Orientation!  1-2pm
Interested in becoming a volunteer?  Come to our orientation, learn about what we do and what we need help with.  Volunteering to help the horses can be really rewarding!

-FIRST VISIT: Please bring AT LEAST one bag of Purina Strategy Healthy Edge Feed ( available at Sutherland’s General Store) to help feed the horses. You may also bring hay- T/A , Peanut, or Alfalfa Hay. We have many people who want to bring treats, but FOOD and HAY is what they need the most. Sutherland’s is open Monday-Saturday. 11875 Collier Blvd, Naples, FL You may also call in an order before you come and we can pick up 239-353-3808 IF you are coming to the rescue on a Sunday, please either call in our pick up the feed no later than Saturday. Hay can be purchased from any of the feed stores, check out our Donation Page for a list

-Please be prompt. Remember another volunteer has to be there to let you in. If you are not going to be able to make it, please give 24 hours notice at a minimum.

-Arrive at the gate- if you are expected it will be physically closed, but not locked, open gate, come in, close gate, just as it was. Then pull your vehicle in and park not blocking the drive. Walk back past the house to the pasture. If the gate is locked, do not Honk your horn. Please call or text 239-963-7296

– please wear CLOSED TOE SHOES – no flip flops or sandals.

-All volunteers MUST sign a waiver. It is valid for one year.

-All children must be accompanied by a guardian or parent. They must also sign a waiver


Volunteer Orientation Sat April 2nd

Join us for a volunteer orientation at the rescue on Sat, April 2nd at 11am  Meet and greet other volunteers, learn what is needed to become a volunteer and help the horses by bringing a bag of feed when you come!  Supplies needed are listed on our Donation Page, what they eat and where to get it!


We also have a volunteer page which will give you more info

To attend rsvp to for directions and if you have any questions!

Who is Sleeping With Who Episode 2

So we last left you hanging, Phoenix had his pasture mate Ruby stolen by the herd.  The days went by, and Phoenix was spurned at every moment, to stay away from his beloved friend. The big guy just didn’t know which way to go.